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Client success stories

Your new logo will position your company for growth by making it more professional and memorable. Read about our clients who have enjoyed business success using their logos in their businesses. You can also see how we updated old logos, or visit our logo gallery.

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How has your new logo affected your business?

"The logo has made a big difference in our business. People always compliment us on how great the store looks, and it looks great because of our awesome logo. People are very attracted to it."

Main Squeeze, which was recently mentioned by the Wall Street Journal, applies the colors in their new logo to their store interior and their website.

Tell us about your experience with the process.

"Our logo looks great. Your guys were great at listening to my input and gave me exactly what I wanted. They also gave me good input on my suggestions and told me why some of the things that I had suggested might not be the best ideas.
It was great."

Why did you trust Logodesignworkz for your design needs?

"I use the Internet for everything. All of our business resources came through Internet channels. One main reason for not finding a freelancer was because I didn't want to just find one person and go through a long, painful process with that one person. Ten brains are always better than one. We also have friends that are designers. I don't want to have to tell them if I didn't like them. I like your guarantee that if we don't like anything we got our money back. We really didn't have much to lose."



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