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What are concepts and revisions?

There are two stages in the logo design process. The first stage involves creating concepts. Once you have chosen a design concept, you make revisions to that particular design until you are happy with the final product. See our examples below.


Concepts are the first stage of our design process. After you send us your creative brief, our designers create concepts, or design ideas, that explore the different directions we could take your logo while maintaining both the artistry and functionality of an exceptional logo.

For example, when Clique asked us to create a logo for them, we presented them with these original concepts. One of these logos would become the blueprint of the final, completed logo.


Revisions are the second stage of the design process. After you choose the concept that fits the direction you want to take your logo, we'll develop a new set of logos using your selected concept as our guide.

In the revision stage we tweak things like color and font.

For example, when Clique selected concept #2 above for revisions, we applied their feedback, then presented the following set of revisions. Notice how we kept the original concept as a blueprint for the logo, but rearranged where the tagline fit along the logo, the colors of the word, and the shape of the waves.

How many concepts and revisions will I get?

The number of designers you have working on your logo, and the number of concepts and revisions vary depending on the package you select. Compare packages and pricing.

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What is the advantage of having more concepts or revisions?

The more concepts you have, the more variety of choices you'll have for your logo design.

While we often get approval on the final logo after just one round of revisions, having unlimited revisions allows you to tweak your design until it is exactly what you want, down to the very last detail. Because almost all of our packages come with free unlimited revisions Logodesignworkz can guarantee you are satisfied with your logo.



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