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Unique Model

Logodesignworkz began because one of our founders saw a need for a better logo design process. We developed solutions for the flaws that most people experience during the logo design experience and on the way, created a unique model. You can learn more about Logodesignworkz and what triggered the founders to begin this company and create their improved process.

Here's how our unique model addresses the issues found in the logo design process:

Design Problem #1: Time-consuming meetings.

The typical design process takes too much time, with lengthy meetings to discuss design plans and logo revisions. In addition, you have to adjust your schedule around travel time to reach a logo design company's office.

Logodesignworkz Unique Fix #1

We accommodate your schedule and speed up the process by using the Internet to exchange information and design ideas. Your project team watches over your project and is available by phone, online chat, and through our website. If you want to have phone meetings, we'll make them productive by assisting you with any questions. However, if you want to avoid meetings, we make sure everything goes smoothly.

The process works because it's easy for both you and us to keep track of the project through the Internet but stay connected by phone if desired. You can check your project's status any hour of the day. We'll help you enjoy a hassle-free experience from the minute you start your logo project.

Design Problem #2: Options and variety limited by having only one designer.

The typical design process involves using just one designer per client. Though that designer might be talented, if the designer cannot grasp your vision, you could spend a lot of time being frustrated before settling on a design that doesn't quite hit the mark.

Logodesignworkz Unique Fix #2

We assign 2-5 designers to your project instead of just 1 designer to ensure you're paired with a designer that can understand your company and its vision. Our design team is experienced and qualified so each designers' submission, though different, will be the same high quality work. By sharing the talents of more than one designer, we foster friendly competition among designers and ensure you receive quality and variety. See examples of our quality logos.

Design Problem #3: An expensive design process.

Since the design process involves so many meetings to discuss the logo and to get the right ideas across to the designer, the costs can sky rocket. You could end up paying several thousands more than intended as the number of revisions and meetings multiply, especially if you are unhappy with the initial designs.

Logodesignworkz Unique Fix #3

We have formulated design packages that clearly state what you can expect for your money. This includes the number of designers involved, and the amount of logo concepts we will provide for initial review before we move onto the revision state. We make it easy for you to compare our design packages and prices. You won't be surprised by any hidden fees. If you don't want to deal with revision fees, no problem. The majority of our packages come with unlimited revisions. With an unlimited revision package you'll never pay an extra penny for an additional revision.

Design Problem #4: Feeling of not being involved in the logo design.

You want a great logo for your business but you don't know how to make sure your logo fulfills the standards of good logo design, or how to pick a designer that is an expert in logo design.

Logodesignworkz Unique Fix #4

We understand that our customers want an exceptional logo for their business. That's why we assign a project team to you from the start. Their job is to make sure there is a clear communication of ideas. You'll be able to call and have your questions answered by someone that knows your project, whether it be a specific question about logo design or help trademarking your logo. All calls to us our free. Our design consultants are available both before and after you start your project.

In addition to calling us for any design questions, our website seeks to educate you on what it takes to make a great logo - that it's not just a matter of liking a piece of art. We also provide examples of the process so you can see how previous clients have benefited from the new logo and the unique Logodesignworkz process.


If you need a high-quality professional logo without the common hassles and time-wasting processes of traditional logo design services, the Logodesignworkz process is worth serious consideration.

  • It manages cost.
  • It manages time.
  • It manages resources.


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